- Is registered in the FINAME (a financing department of BNDES) for all equipment manufactured.
- The following Standards/Codes are employed in manufacturing: ABNT - API - DIN - TEMA - ASME and others.
- The welding processes used cover the following types of materials and electrodes according to : ASME SEC.IX/MATERIALS: P n° 1, 8, 21 / electrodes: F n° 4, 5, 6, 21.
- Is qualified in the welding process involving the following welding methods:
Manual - Automatic - Semi-automatic - TIG - MIG - MAG - Oxy-acetylene and others.
- Has Radiograph performance record of welders and operators.
- The periodicity for welders and operators re-qualification is 3 (three) months after the last equipment welding.
- Is qualified to develop projects and draw up fabrication drawings from specifications, data-sheets or schematic drawings.
- Has standard products with installation, operation and maintenance manuals for the equipment in its line of fabrication.
- Is qualified to carry out assembly on jobs with a technical staff capable of offering technical assistance and assembly supervision, and assistance with Equipment Start-up.
- Has a list of spare parts for 2 (two) years'operation for the majority of items of equipment .
- Offers the following technical/commercial guarantee on its products manufactured by it: 12 months after start of operation or 18 months after delivery (whichever event occurs first).
- The standard tests carried out by QUALITY CONTROL are as follows: Hydrostatic
- Pneumatic - Penetrant Liquid - Radiographic - Ultrasound - Charpy - Contamination and others.
- In accordance with the quality guarantee program offered is elaborated a inspection plan for each equipment, with the intervention and comments of the Client inspector as well as routine inspection conducted by CONGER during all fabrication process.

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