Some Conger's equipments:

Examples of Pressure Vessels, Reactors and Mixers Process
Clique para Ampliar Equipment: Heated Tank - cap. 25 m3
- stainless steel shell and half-pipe jacket;
- diameter 2,800 mm, shell height 3,200 mm and
thickness 12.00 mm;
- weight empty 8,000 Kg.
Clique para Ampliar Equipment: Refrigerated Container
- stainless steel shell and half-pipe jacket;
- diameter 3,000 mm, shell height 8,000 mm and
thickness 8.00 mm;
- weight empty 14,250 Kg.
Clique para Ampliar Equipment: Reactor with Agitator - cap. 71 m3
- Stainless steel reactor;
- diameter 4,200 mm, shell height 4,030 mm and
thickness 6.00 mm;
- weight empty 9,100 Kg.

Examples of Heat Exchangers
Clique para Ampliar Equipment: Condenser
- copper shell and stainless steel tubes;
- width between tubesheets 3,353 mm;
- shell thickness 12.00 mm.
Clique para Ampliar Equipment: Heaters, Condensers and Coolers
- stainless steel shell and carbon steel shell cover, carbon
steel shell and stainless steel shell cover, stainless steel tubes;
- width between tubesheets from 1,200 mm to 5,000 mm;

Supplying Characteristics of Distillation Columns,
Distilleries and Evaporators

Clique para Ampliar Distillation Columns with trays (bubble cap, valve or sieve trays)
- from 400 mm to 4500 mm diameters;
- from 100 liters/hours to 20,000 liters/hours capacities;
- stainless steel type 304 and 316 or Copper columns;
- weight up to 600 ton.
Clique para Ampliar Evaporators of sugar cane juice, slop, black liquor and others
- Patents: Reduger, K1K2, Multiple Effects and Falling Film;
- areas from 50 to 500 m2/shell;

Examples of Tanks and Containers
Clique para Ampliar Equipment: Process Vessel - cap. 100 m3
- stainless steel vessel;
- diameter 3,800 mm, shell height 9,000 mm
and thickness 6.0 mm;
- weight empty 9,100 Kg.
Clique para Ampliar Equipment: Feed Tank
- carbon steel vessel postwelded heat treatment;
- diameter 3,700 mm, shell height 6,000 mm
and thickness 15.8 mm;
- weight empty 20,000 Kg.

Supplying Characteristics of Steel
Structures and Industrial Piping

Clique para Ampliar Industrial Piping: piping isometric and spools piping
- own design;
- manufacturing of junctions, unions
and large diameter valves.
Clique para Ampliar Steel Structures for industrial objectives
- height up to 30 m;
- weight up to 600 ton.;
- rolled and welded beams.

Examples of Other Equipment
Clique para Ampliar Equipment: Gas Washer (partial view)
- carbon steel vessel with rubber internal coating;
- diameter 4,208 mm, shell height 21,114 mm
and thickness 12.7 mm;
- weight empty 41,000 Kg.
Clique para Ampliar Equipment: Vertical Tank - cap. 162 liters
- stainless steel jacketed vessel;
- internal diameter 550 mm and jacket diameter 658 mm;
- shell height 1,000 mm;
Clique para Ampliar Equipment: Mill Hopper
- stainless steel mill hopper;
- diameter 740 mm, shell height 400 mm;
- inside polished.

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