CONGER has know-how to manufacture carbon steel, stainless steel, cooper and aluminium equipment, through the most of strict Brazilian and foreign Standards (ASME, DIN, ANSI, AWS, ASTM, TEMA, API, ABNT - Brazilian Standards, etc.) and their technical, materials, qualification, safety and inspection requirements.

     CONGER divides its products in two ranges of activities: CHEMICAL AREA and ALCOHOL AREA:

     In the CHEMICAL AREA CONGER acts in the mechanical designs and manufacturing of a variety of equipment for Chemical, Petrochemical, Food, Textile, Pulp & Paper, Fertilizer and Synthetic Fiber Industries, through customers' design data (Make to Order) or technology partnership with Brazilian and foreign licensers.

     In the ALCOHOL AREA CONGER has own technology on the development of Distilleries, that can be: Unity of Distillation, Redistillation and Dehydration, total or in parts, for methanol, ethanol, butanol, and others products like brandies, supplying Technical Assistance and Training. These Distilleries can produce several types of Alcohol like Fine Alcohol, Extra-Fine Alcohol, Neuter Alcohol, Carburetant Alcohol and others (through customer's requirements), using - resins (for molecular sieves) or - Ciclohexane (for columns) as dehydrating agent. CONGER also develops Industrial Fermentation Projects and supplies high efficiency Fermentation Vats for all objectives.

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